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It seems that the java code generator framework CodeModel is not capable of creating annotations which only contain an enum value without a name - unfortunately a very common pattern (which JPA uses, for example):

  private Date createDate;

The API documentation only states "TODO How to add enums to the annotations"

Is there any way of working around this limitation?

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Annotation parameters "without a name" are actually just a shorthand for a default parameter named "value", so these are equivalent:


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I wasn't aware of this shorthand - thank you for pointing this out. –  MRalwasser Nov 28 '11 at 11:17

I'd say that comment is out of date. There is a method param(String name, Enum<?> value) on JAnnotationUse which works fine.

Edit: The code would look like the following:

field.annotate(Temporal.class).param("value", TemporalType.TIMESTAMP)

Please note that


Is just a short for of writing


This short form can be used when the annotation only contains a single parameter.

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But what if I must not specify a name (as stated in the question and its example?) –  MRalwasser Nov 28 '11 at 11:06

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