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I want to put together the basics for asynchronous UDP IPC in Haskell. For this the sender/receiver should issue e.g. an synchronous receive (or send, depending from what side you view it) thread and carry on with other tasks.

This might involve to define a new data type that consists of optional message/data serial numbers and some sort of buffer so that the send thread can stop sending when it gets a notification from the receiver that it cannot cope with the speed.

I aim to make this as light weight & asynchronous as possible.

I have tried a number of things such as starting a new receive thread for every packet (took this approach from a paper about multi player online games), but this was grinding almost everything to a halt.

Below is my innocent first take on this. Any help on e.g. creating buffers, creating serial numbers or a DCCP implementation (that I could not find) in Haskell appreciated. - I would not like to get into opinionated discussions about UDP vs TCP etc..

My snippet stops working once something gets out of sync e.g. when no data arrives any more or when less data arrives than expected. I am looking as said for some way of lightweight (featherweight :D) sync between the send and the receive thread of for an example of such.

main = withSocketsDo $ do
        s <- socket AF_INET Datagram defaultProtocol
        hostAddr <- inet_addr host
        done <- newEmptyMVar
        let p = B.pack "ping"
        thread <- forkIO $ receiveMessages s done
        forM_ [0 .. 10000] $ \i -> do
              sendAllTo s (B.pack  "ping") (SockAddrInet port hostAddr)
        takeMVar done
        killThread thread
        sClose s

receiveMessages :: Socket ->  MVar () -> IO ()
receiveMessages socket done = do
        forM_ [0 .. 10000] $ \i -> do
              r <- recvFrom socket 1024
              print (r) --this is a placeholder to make the fun complete
        putMVar done ()
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IMHO your snippet isn't near to do anything of what your text says that you would like it todo, maybe I'm missing something ? Are you trying to do RBUDP (scialert.net/fulltext/?doi=itj.2009.600.604) –  Jonke Nov 29 '11 at 8:46
Thanks. Interesting paper. –  J Fritsch Nov 29 '11 at 15:03

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If you don't trust your messenger, you can never agree on anything -- not even a single bit like "are we done yet"!

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I do trust the messenger. As laid out in DCCP RFC 4340, all that we perceive as unreliable probably is (in modern networks) a consequence of insufficient congestion control. –  J Fritsch Nov 29 '11 at 15:02
@JFritsch If you expect that it's possible to lose a packet, then you don't trust the messenger. –  Daniel Wagner Nov 29 '11 at 19:29

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