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I would want to have the CMS capabilities (or at least the basic functionalities like CRUD) for my custom db table. Is there a way to do this. Migration is not an option for me since there are other applications that use this table.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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Sure, you can connect anything you want to Joomla, but we're going to need a lot more detail. What are you trying to accomplish? What is stored in the table? Is the table data being included on a site or is the site built for the table data? – Brent Friar Nov 28 '11 at 20:32

Two choices spring to mind for quickly build 'basic' components such as you describe here.

JFooBar component - is a component you install into Joomla 1.7 that facilitates building components that you then package up:

Alternatively there is an online tool that does a similar job:

I've only played with these tools - but have a couple of projects that need something simple knocking together and will be trying them out on 'real world' projects shortly.

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