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I have a directshow graph as described below : "File.mov"->haali Splitter->ffdshow decoder ->Custom Filter->avi Mux->File writer(File.avi).

The Fps of the original file is 30 Fps (File.mov) and the duration is 6 seconds.

Behaviour in the prompt: When I run the application in the prompt, I obtain a file with a duration of about 12seconds and Fps of 25. What is done, is that each frame is duplicated twice.

Behaviour in Graphedit Tools: When I run the same graph in Graphedit, the playback is progressing until the progress bar is full, but never stops(stop button doesn't change to grey). If I force stop with the Stop Button, the File.avi is automatically removed from the disc.

Thank you for your help

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See discussion at DirectShow Record Problem - fps

The avi file format does not have per-frame timestamps. If the media type frame rate that is used for the file creation doesn't match the timestamps you pass, the mux will create dropped frame markers.


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would you have an explanations why the graph don't stop automatically when It finished reading the original video? –  tchayfa Nov 30 '11 at 12:23

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