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I have a 2D array, but can I find the column index of a certain element stored in an array?
Suppose the element I was looking for is stored in row 2, but I don't know its column index. But how do I find the column index?
For example, I have a 2D array and a list of elements such as,

L = (A B C)

and I know "A" is stored in a row 2 in an array, and now I want to find the column index for "A" in an array, so I tried

(eval (first L))

but the error message was given

The variable A is unbound.

Thank you.

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Why are you trying to use EVAL for this? It has nothing to do with what you are trying to do –  finnw Nov 28 '11 at 16:33

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This should work (for an array called *a*):

(position 'a
          (make-array (array-dimension *a* 1)
                      :displaced-to *a*
                      :displaced-index-offset (array-row-major-index *a* 2 0)))

A displaced array is like an alternate view into an existing array. This codes creates a displaced array that's a vector looking at the second row of the array, and then uses position to find the index of an element within that.

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I don't think any built-in function can do this. Try something like this:

(defun column-position (array row item &key (test #'eql))
  (loop for i below (array-dimension array 1)
        when (funcall test (aref array row i) item)
        do (return i)))
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