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Goal: creating animation updated at 100Hz.

My animation updates the background-position property. Current background-position is calculated by a function that is supposed to fire 100 Times per second to create an illusion of smooth movement.

Problem: animation is not smooth in Chrome and Safari.

It behaves as if "updated background-position" function was fired only once per second in Chrome and only twice per second in Safari.

Additional information:

  • my code works fine in Firefox 4 / Internet Explorer 8 and higher / Opera 11.10 (didn't test previous versions)
  • I am using setInterval( function() { //do stuff here } , 10 ) to update my animation
  • I am aware how Chrome handles JS in inactive tabs - the problem occurs on active tab
  • I am using jQuery 1.7

I am sure there's gotta be a way to create smooth animations in Safari/Chrome. Please help.

Edit: I cannot use .animate() because I am tracking mouse movement and calculating current background position depending on where mouse points. For that I have to check mouse position every 10 milliseconds (and I must use setInterval for it).

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Because you wan't to animate, and you are using jQuery, why do you put a setInterval at 10MS? While jQuery has an .animate function which will handle the animations? And this function has a Interval setting, where you can put the FPS.

        {backgroundPosition:"(0 -250px)"}, 

More information about background animations: http://snook.ca/archives/javascript/jquery-bg-image-animations

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I don't see how jQuery's .animate() might help. I am setting the current background position with .css(). If Chrome & Safari execute JS only at 1Hz/2Hz it does not matter wheather I use setInterval or .animate (which is a jQuery function that has to use setTimeout or setInterval anyways). –  loostro Nov 28 '11 at 11:43

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