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I'm working on olap cube (with analysis services 2008). In my database I have a column (datatype =NUMBERS(40,30) ). In this column there's values with 10 numbers after the coma example : 125.256987452122 or 159.2365894123658

In my cube olap, that column is match to a measure. When I look the values in the cube, I don't have the same value with the database. example : 125.256987452122 ==> in cube 125.2569 or 159.2365894123658 ==> in cube 159.2365

Even when I set the measure property FORMATSTRING = ''### ### ### ### ##0.0000000000;-### ### ### ### ##0.0000000000'' I get this result 25.256987452122 ==> in cube 125.2569000000 or 159.2365894123658 ==> in cube 159.2365000000.

The mesure datatype is Double . I change it to currency but I have the same problem.

Did someone know how to get the same result as in the data base , in my cube olap : 159.2365894123658 ==> in cube 159.2365894123658 ???

Thanks for your answers

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Not an optimal solution perhaps, but consider storing the data in the underlying database as float, or use a view to load your fact table that converts it to float. SSAS cube will only show 4 digits unless you use Float.

You can verify this by exploring the data with your current datatype in the DSV, it should show all decimals, yet SSAS will only show 4 digits.

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Hello, thanks for your answer. But even when I store the data in the underlying database as float,I just have 4 digits in the cube . the underlying database is a oracle database. I change datatype NUMBER(40,10) to flaot. but have the same problem. the datatype I use for the measure is DOUBLE. – user1069204 Nov 28 '11 at 16:33
Use float for the datatype of the measure, not double. – cairnz Nov 28 '11 at 20:49
There's no datatype Float for the measure in the cube olap. There's just Double and Currency – user1069204 Nov 29 '11 at 9:31

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