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how to create and call method in objective c

I'm using xocde 4.2 version...

I defined a method -(void)score inside my .h file and m declaring that method inside .m file

    NSLog(@"Thank you");

and I'm creating object of class inside my main file and m calling score method (my class name is baseViewController and I'm creating object of this class as *b and calling is done using this syntax

[b score];

... but nothing displays. It shows only white screen ...what should i do ??

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Please don't duplicate questions. Modify the original post, let us know what exactly you are coding. Voting to close, sorry. –  Mahesh Nov 28 '11 at 11:47
I don't think it's a dupe - his log nav is not showing and he's confused about getting text to show on the ui (needs a label) –  bryanmac Nov 28 '11 at 13:01
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if you are calling the function from the same class then you use [self score]

if not, you should include the header of the function in the class that calls the function, you also should define an instance for the object and then you call it like that lets say you define instance b, [b score]; or make it static function remove the - and put + and then call [header score];

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