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im pretty sure this question anywhere already has been asked anywhere - didnt found the answer.

I got an simple Criteria like this:


gives me an resultlist of entityinstance of Human (gender and name).

Can i add an calculation like "salutation" to the resulting entityinstances only (without changing Human.java) and avoid the creation of an 2-dimensional array?

I know, this should be the job of such an Decorator-Class, is there any workaround? The enlarged entityinstance should extends the Human-class!

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It's possible with Hibernate SQLQuery - look for addEntity() and addScalar(). –  xmedeko Nov 1 '12 at 13:01

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No, it's not completely possible. A Criteria query can only return entities, arrays of scalars, or value objects built from scalars (using a ResultTransformer).

You could return a list of HumanWithSalutation objects, which would hold the same fields as a Human + an additional salutation one, but these would be value objects, and not persistent objects: any modification made to these objects would not be made persistent to the database as it would be with Human instances.

To do that, create the class :

public class HumanWithSalutation extends Human {
    private String salutation;

    // getter and setter

Assign it an AliasToBeanResultTransformer (which will populate all your HumanWithSalutation objects using setters), and make sure the criteria has a projection list returning all the fields of Human + the salutation (aliased to "salutation"):

ProjectionList projectionList = Projections.projectionList();
projectionList.add(Projections.alias(Projections.sqlProjection(...), "salutation"));

If you don't want the SQL projection, you could implement the transformation in Java in the getSalutation() method (and remove the setter).

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You can add a property with @Formula mapping into the Human class, if you are happy with @Formula eager fetching.

Or if you need this property to be fetched lazily, then make an extra entity on the same table as Human class

public class HumanWithSalutation extends Human {
    private Long id;
    @Formula("(select ...)")
    private String salutation;

    // getter and setter

and then map it from Human by @OneToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY) with @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn.

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