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If I create a context namespace:-

    USING hr.pkg_security

How can I list all such namespaces and look up their properties. For example, hr_security can be access globally and can be set from pkg_security package.

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You can query the DBA_CONTEXT (or [ALL_CONTEXT][1]) view depending on your privileges and what contexts you're looking at. ALL_CONTEXT will list all the contexts that have attributes set in the current session. DBA_CONTEXT lists all the contexts in the database. However, you need to have additional privileges to be able to query the DBA_CONTEXT view (the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege or SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE role would be more than sufficient but you can also be granted access to that view specifically)

SELECT namespace,
  FROM dba_context

will have a row for the HR_SECURITY namespace showing that it is associated with the PKG_SECURITY package with a TYPE of ACCESSED GLOBALLY.

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For me DBA_CONTEXT works. ALL_CONTEXT lists hardly any namespaces. – AppleGrew Nov 28 '11 at 14:52

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