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Anyone had any experiences with redirecting part of a website to whole new domain? Here is what we have done:

Originally had a forum on websiteA, due to spam and hacking the forum was closed down as it was having negative effects on position

The whole forum and threads were 301 redirected to websiteA homepage.

Later we decided to have a general forum which is on a newly registered domain websiteB the original forum was 301 redirected to websiteB/theme1 now we have found a decrease in position for a general one word term websiteA was ranking for.

We did this as people were coming to our site through google by searching "theme1 forum" though in fact there was no forum there anymore, so it seems logical to have done this redirection.

I know the 301 is a permanent redirect but on this occasion it seemed logical in that there were many backlinks to the non existen forum and websiteA no longer had a forum on it!

Just wondered if anyone has gone through a similar experience and what the outcome was.

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I had a similar problem, in your case a "double" 301 redirect with the latest forward to websiteB could be not well considered by Google or the new Panda Algo could rank your website in a different way, despite you 301 redirect.

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