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I need something like a "tag"(iOS) for cocoa NSWindow. I have an "Error Message" NSWindow. I use the same window to display many custom messages. The problem is that if I release the window, this closes, so I need to keep a reference to the window in a NSDictionary, and in the close action, I am going to release the corresponding error window.

ErrorWindow *controllerWindow = [[ErrorWindow alloc] initWithWindowNibName:@"ErrorWindow"];
[controllerWindow showWindow:self];
[controllerWindow setMessageText: message];
[controllerWindow setInformationText:info];

//If I release the window, it closes.
[controllerWindow release];
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You may want to subclass NSWindow, so you can add your tag property:

/* MyWindow.h */
@interface MyWindow: NSWindow

    NSInteger _tag;

@property( assign, readwrite ) NSInteger tag;


/* MyWindow.m */

#import "MyWindow.h"

@implementation MyWindow

@synthesize tag = _tag;


In InterfaceBuilder, you'll then be able to set the class of your windows to MyWindow, instead of NSWindow.

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