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I have overridden the controller generation T4 templates as described here.

On examining the AddView templates (Create.tt, Delete.tt, Details.tt, Edit.tt, List.tt) I saw that there is a lot of common code in a class feature block at the end of all these files. So, I thought I'd be clever and put all the common code into an external file and simply include this file in all the templates.

<#@ include file="common.ttinc" #>

However, this does not work. The following error is displayed

Loading the include file 'common.ttinc' returned a null or empty string. The transformation will not be run.

Is there a technique whereby I can include class feature blocks containing helper methods in other T4 templates, or would I have to create a base TextTransformation class with all the common methods and have my T4 templates inherit from that?


This might actually have the same answer to my other question on T4 templates. However, I would still like to know the techical reasons why we can't just include class feature blocks with helper methods in T4 templates.

Edit 2

I should add that 'common.ttinc' is in the same directory as the view templates and there is no Custom Tool defined because I only want the template to be processed when accessed through the Add Controller/Add View wizards

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Loading the include file 'common.ttinc' returned a null or empty string. 
The transformation will not be run.

That error means T4 engine didn't find the include file. IIRC T4 engine begins by looking in the same folder as the .tt file. With VS2010 SP1 it should also be possible to use $(ProjectDir) like expansions as well.

You can define class feature blocks in a separate include file, I do that all the time.

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Currently, ASP.Net MVC uses a custom host for T4 rather than the standard Visual Studio one and the custom host does not support the standard include behavior, so includes in MVC don't work.

I don't know if MVC supports base classes, but if it does, that would be another approach.

Logging a connect bug at http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio is a good option here.

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