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I've got a content type based on ATFolder:

ConceptSheetFolderSchema = folder.ATFolderSchema.copy()

ConceptSheetFolderSchema['title'].widget.label = _(u"Title")
ConceptSheetFolderSchema['title'].widget.description = _(u"")
ConceptSheetFolderSchema['title'].storage = atapi.AnnotationStorage()
ConceptSheetFolderSchema['description'].widget.label = _(u"Description")
ConceptSheetFolderSchema['description'].widget.description = _("")
ConceptSheetFolderSchema['description'].storage = atapi.AnnotationStorage()

finalizeATCTSchema(ConceptSheetFolderSchema, folderish=True, moveDiscussion=False)

class ConceptSheetFolder(folder.ATFolder):
    This is the central container for concept sheets in the site 

    portal_type = "Concept Sheet Folder"
    _at_rename_after_creation = True
    schema = ConceptSheetFolderSchema

    title = atapi.ATFieldProperty('title')
    description = atapi.ATFieldProperty('description')

atapi.registerType(ConceptSheetFolder, PROJECTNAME)

I can add a ConceptSheetFolder no problem through the Plone interface, but I can't get this basic test to work:

class TestContent(unittest.TestCase):


    def test_hierarchy(self):
        portal = self.layer['portal']

        # Ensure that we can create the various content types without error

        setRoles(portal, TEST_USER_ID, ('Manager',))

        portal.invokeFactory('Concept Sheet Folder', 'csf1', title=u"Concept Sheet folder")        
        portal['csf1'].invokeFactory('project.ConceptSheet', 'cs1', title=u"ConceptSheet")
        portal['csf1']['cs1'].invokeFactory('project.ConceptMilestone', 'cs1', title=u"Approved")`

I get a error Unauthorized: Cannot create Concept Sheet Folder when I try this test. I Googled around a bit and found this Nabble post, leading me to look at isConstructionAllowed() in Plone/CMFCore/ Using pdb, I found that ._queryFactoryMethod(), when run in this context, is returning 'None'.

So it appears the FactoryTool for this type isn't working, at least not in the test. I've got the test in the normal GenericSetup place (types.xml, Concept_Sheet_Folder.xml, factorytool.xml), and I'm at a lost as to what else could be causing this problem. Any ideas?

Bonus question: why does this work in the Plone interface but not in the test?

Edit (Dec 13, 2011): Here's my Concept_Sheet_Folder.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object name="Concept Sheet Folder"
   meta_type="Factory-based Type Information with dynamic views"
   i18n:domain="iedea.conceptsheets" xmlns:i18n="">
 <property name="title" i18n:translate="">Concept Sheet Folder</property>
 <property name="description"
     i18n:translate="">A folder which can contain concept sheets.</property>
 <property name="content_icon">++resource++conceptsheetfolder_icon.gif</property>
 <property name="content_meta_type">Concept Sheet Folder</property>
 <property name="product">iedea.conceptsheets</property>
 <property name="factory">addConceptSheetFolder</property>
 <property name="immediate_view">atct_edit</property>
 <property name="global_allow">True</property>
 <property name="filter_content_types">True</property>
 <property name="allowed_content_types">
     <element value="Concept Sheet" />
 <property name="allow_discussion">False</property>
 <property name="default_view">view</property>
 <property name="view_methods">
  <element value="view"/>
 <alias from="(Default)" to="(dynamic view)"/>
 <alias from="edit" to="atct_edit"/>
 <alias from="sharing" to="@@sharing"/>
 <alias from="view" to="(selected layout)"/>
 <action title="View" action_id="view" category="object" condition_expr=""
    url_expr="string:${folder_url}/" visible="True">
  <permission value="View"/>
 <action title="Edit" action_id="edit" category="object" condition_expr=""
    url_expr="string:${object_url}/edit" visible="True">
  <permission value="Modify portal content"/>
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Are you sure it works through the web, i.e. with a new site you can actually create the content type? It sounds like you have a problem in types/contentsheetfolder.xml – MatthewWilkes Dec 1 '11 at 15:49
Yep, it definitely works through the web. I can add and edit a Concept Sheet Folder. – kevinharvey Dec 5 '11 at 15:34
what do you have inside Concept_Sheet_Folder.xml? – hvelarde Dec 6 '11 at 1:57
I've edited the original post to include Concept_Sheet_Folder.xml. Thanks! – kevinharvey Dec 13 '11 at 13:02
please note also that you should use finalizeATCTSchema() before you modify any of the fields in the schema or you may lose your changes. – hvelarde Dec 19 '11 at 17:25
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I've run into this problem myself. The problem is that the your Archetype's factory is not yet properly registered by the time you are trying to create it.

That's why _queryFactoryMethod() returns None, as you found out.

The solution differs a bit on whether you are using Products.ZopeTestCase or the newer as your testing framework.

However, in both cases you need to make sure that the add-on product that defines the Archetype (ConceptSheetFolder) that you are trying to create (via invokeFactory), has aready been installed.

When using Products.ZopeTestCase:

In the case that you are using Products.ZopeTestCase (and Products.PloneTestCase), you need to call

  • Products.ZopeTestCase.installProduct

You need to make sure that your installProduct call does not get deferred until after your test is called.

In Plone 4 this means that your installProduct call should not be in an @onsetup decorated function (although this will still work in Plone 3).

This mailing list discussion might further clear things up:

When using

If you are using, you should call:

  • plone.testing.z2.installProduct

This should be done in the setUpZope method that you override from the PloneSandboxLayer.

For more info, read the description under setUpZope in (Line 257)

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