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At x.jade (example file) with this line:

img(id='add-razaoSocial', class='input-img', src='images/add-mono.png')

From index.jade, if i do:


It's ok, if i do:


the img don't appear. See this link ( http://cl.ly/2u1A2P0P1b2b3F0b0Q2v ) with image ;)


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Unfortunately there's nothing useful in that image you've shown us. Most probably your picture has a bad relative path or something similar. –  alessioalex Nov 28 '11 at 13:20

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As your javascript-files are also 404 - not found, there seems to be another problem.

You basically do a redirect after something happened, like an update, login or whatever, and all redirects go back to a route where something is rendered. So, you don't redirect from .jade but from app.js.

Can you provide some more information and source code of your routes?

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Use src='/images/add-mono.png' instead of src='images/add-mono.png'

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