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I'm building a custom membership provider and I'm wondering when does my custom membership provider get initialized?

Actually I'm using entity framework so I need to understand whether to init DbContext in each method or have it as class instance variable.

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Already answered… – feanz Nov 28 '11 at 13:28
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As mentioned in the link by @feanz it is created only once per app domain. A shared DbContext is not a good idea. Since DbContext/ObjectContext is not thread safe. Because there is only a single instance of the membership provider and there are concurrent requests in ASP.NET applications shared DbContext instance will not work properly.

So it is better/safe to create an instance of DbContext in each method to avoid unnecessary side effects.

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You can check the PostgreSQL Membership Provider, you can download the code from here. Its using only ADO.NET(NO ORM), but it should be enough for you to get an idea.

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