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Screen layout: parent main background image and another image as table image is child. table image as 3 row and semi transparent image.

When i used same both image in iphone then looks perfectly. See the screenshots.

enter image description here

But when i used same both image in Android less than 2.2 then transparent image of table and background image looks different...Please check this link...

here my layout screen code...

 <RelativeLayout  android:id="@+id/relativeLayout1"
    android:background="@drawable/main" >
        android:background="@drawable/table" >

I used also imageview or another layout but same effect no improvement in color look.

My issue is look diffrent color on both screen android and iphone even i used same image.

Can anyone suggest me which parameter set so looks same color as iphone screen ?

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maybe android:gravity="center", or "center_vertical" in relativeLayout1 – mihail Nov 28 '11 at 14:08
Sceen on iphone and on android phones has different color profiles, so same image looks different, I think. – jamapag Nov 28 '11 at 14:12
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after more researched finaly i found solution..

How to add a PNG image as background in Android with no alteration (banding)?

its work better to earlier.....

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