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I am switching our application for Capistrano deployment to Gradle .

Here requirement to make the script user interactive .

I am stuck to provide the user input in between task .

task('hello') << {
    println "hello" }

task('copy', type: Copy) {
    some_user_input = prompt("Are you sure to copy this file. ") ... // Here wants something like that
    } }

I am searching for the solution of such issue . If you know about such way than please let me know .

Thanks in advance .

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Have you tried using the console? Something like this:

if (System.console().readLine().toLowerCase() == 'y') ...
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Gradle lets you use existing Ant tasks within your build script. You could use the Ant input task to achieve this:

ant.input(message: 'Are you sure to copy this file?', validargs: 'y,n', addproperty: 'doDeleteFile')

if(ant.doDeleteFile == 'y') {
    // Call copy task
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