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I am very new to Groovy and I was trying to follow some samples like

def list = [ [1,0], [0,1,2] ]
list = list.sort { a,b -> a[0] <=> b[0] }
assert list == [ [0,1,2], [1,0] ]

which works ok and is quite simple but i just can't find the sort method on


If you go on List sort is not present...

I am looking in the wrong place ?

Thanks !

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The sort methods are defined on the parent of the List class, which is Collection.


As you point out in your comment the Groovy JDK docs unfortunately don't show the class hierarchy. You can find out the parents/children of a particular type, by looking at the (Oracle) API docs. For example, at the top of this page you can see that the superinterfaces of List are Collection and Iterable, and the List interface itself is implemented by AbstractList, AbstractSequentialList, ArrayList, etc

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...in javadoc at List i have All Superinterfaces: Collection here there isn;t and it was a little bit confusing for me..Thanks for both answers. –  Cris Nov 28 '11 at 14:20
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Sort is defined in Collection.

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