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I would to use Zen Coding (version 0.7) for TextMate (version 1.5.10).

It works for the simple shortcuts like div# which is translated to <div id=""></div>
However, when I try to use div#divId or li*5, it doesn't work. I try to autocomplete with tab or ctrl + e, but it seems to not function.

Do you have an idea of to fix this problem ? Thanks in advance.


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If you do have all 3 installed, remember to press command + E instead of tab to trigger the zen coding. (just spent half a day on that :))

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Note: to fully install in TextMate, you’ll need to download three bundles. At the time of this writing, the three download links are titled as:

  1. (implements zen-coding)
  2. (implements HTML functionality)
  3. (implements CSS functionality)


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