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Sorry, something went wrong. Probably one of our "genius" programmers made a boo-boo! :P

SyntaxError: /home/fzxa/work/blog2/views/articles/index.jade:7
    5| div#articles
    6|   - if(articles.length)
  > 7|     !=partial('article_list', {collection : articles, as : 'article'})
    8|   - else
    9|     #no-results No articles found. Create one
    10|       a(href="/articles/new") here

Unexpected reserved word
    at Object.Function (unknown source)
    at Object.compile (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/jade/lib/jade.js:161:8)
    at Function.compile (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:65:33)
    at ServerResponse._render (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:414:18)
    at ServerResponse.render (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:315:17)
    at render (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:184:16)
    at renderPartial (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:204:16)
    at Object.partial (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:409:12)
    at eval at  (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/jade/lib/jade.js:161:8)
    at Object. (/home/fzxa/work/blog2/node_modules/jade/lib/jade.js:166:12)
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What's the question? – Patrick Nov 28 '11 at 15:59
Need a little more info - what's the partial view look like? I wonder if the use of 'as' as a property name is a bad idea as well :-) – Justin Beckwith Nov 28 '11 at 18:48
This is a duplicate of… – tillberg Nov 29 '11 at 5:45

The issue is in the article_list partial view. The code is using the word "class" which is reserved. In article_list.jade change

- if(lastInCollection)
  - class = 'last'
- else
  - class = ''
div(class="article #{class}")


- if(lastInCollection)
  - cls = 'last'
- else
  - cls = ''
div(class="article #{cls}")
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