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I'm trying to create a BizTalk Schema that looks something like the below (ignore the spaces between the lines- they're only there for clarity.):
x Rows will be inserted

So, I have a blank row, followed by a Row count, followed by a header row before I get to the actual data. When I try to set up the schema so that the blank line (consists only of {CR}{LF}), and validate an instance, the schema fails (without an error message, to boot).

I'm running BizTalk 2009, and the file is a simple .txt file.

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Okay... I found an answer: Feel free to chime in if you find/have a better one.

Set the blank row to a Field of Type xs:string.
Set the Header row to a single record (defining the fields all as strings).
Define the repeating record.

I'm still open to further suggestions if anyone has a better way, as this seems a little clunky to me.

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