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I am working on a website scraping project using Selenium in Python. I am wondering if I can start the firefox in the backend or open Firefox in another workspace in Ubuntu ?

Is it also possible to pass the user-agent properties though the webdriver() ?


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PyVirtualDisplay should let you run it in the background.

There's a short walkthough here.

And yes, you can change the User Agent.

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Amazing, Haven't tried the User-Agent part as yet. But your suggestion of PyVirtualDisplay is what I was looking for. Thanks for your time and help. – Kiran Nov 28 '11 at 22:46

If you're using Gnome you might want to try DevilsPie (or gDevilsPie) to control on which workspace Firefox runs:

A simple RAW rule would be:

( if 
( begin 
( is ( application_name ) "Firefox" )
( begin 
( set_workspace 3 )
( println "match" )

I use this with Selenium and it works quite well.

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Thanks a lot, I will try this. Running Firefox as a background application is not possible then with ẁebdriver() ? – Kiran Nov 28 '11 at 16:17

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