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We have a Web Service implementation that throws a custom SecurityException.

public class SecurityException extends Exception {

The service is then transformed into a wsdl using the maven plugin java2ws. The resulting .wsdl file contains

  <xs:element name="SecurityException" type="tns:SecurityException"/>
  <xs:complexType name="SecurityException">
  <wsdl:message name="SecurityException">
    <wsdl:part name="SecurityException" element="tns:SecurityException">

Now if I run wsdl2java on the .wsdl file I get a SecurityException file:

@XmlType(name = "SecurityException")
public class SecurityException {


and a SecurityException_Exception file:

@WebFault(name = "SecurityException", targetNamespace = "http://service...../")
public class SecurityException_Exception extends Exception {

private ....SecurityException securityException;

public SecurityException_Exception() {

public SecurityException_Exception(String message) {

public SecurityException_Exception(String message, Throwable cause) {
    super(message, cause);

public SecurityException_Exception(String message, ....SecurityException securityException) {
    this.securityException = securityException;

public SecurityException_Exception(String message, ....SecurityException securityException, Throwable cause) {
    super(message, cause);
    this.securityException = securityException;

public ....SecurityException getFaultInfo() {
    return this.securityException;

How can I avoid the unneccessairy class? Why is it even generated? Why can't it just recreate the old class?

SecurityException extends Exception

(we're using cxf version 2.5 so the <2.3 bug with superclasses that I found googleing doesn't seem to apply)

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Figured it out.. Appearently you can't avoid the helper class as Exceptions have to be wrapped when used in a web service because they are not serializable.

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I'm using JAXB built in maven (jaxws-maven-plugin / wsimport goal), but I had the same problem. (It generated BusinessException and BusinessException_Exception).

My fix was to put the exception in another namespace. So now I have two BusinessException files, generated in two different folders, and the one is an exception that takes the other as its parameter. Compiles ok, and no Exception_Exception ugliness.

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