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I am trying to get subsonic to run work in a webservice I am not sure how to return the data. I only get the word Object in my results when It return anything instead of values. What am I missing?

<WebMethod(Description:="Method to retrieveCptCode subsonic List")> _
Public Function GetSubCptCodes() As CPTCodeCollection

    Dim coll As CPTCodeCollection = New CPTCodeCollection()
    Dim qry As Query = New Query(CPTCode.Schema)
    Return coll

End Function
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There are some drawbacks to be aware of with SubSonic + WebService. I think the most successful approaches have not returned SubSonic objects directly, but rather used something like return coll.ToDataTable().

Mitch explained some of the pitfalls:


This thread talks about using WCF instead of 'the old web services' model


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