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I am trying to find all two number digits only in the following list and reverse only those - I have tried the code below but it is also reversing the first two digits of the 123 number also - How do I get it to ignore the 123 number and just reverse the two digit numbers

echo "87 123 45 6"  | sed -re 's/([0-9])([0-9])/\2\1/g'
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With GNU sed, use this:

sed -e 's/\<\([0-9]\)\([0-9]\)\>/\2\1/g'

The \< indicates the beginning of a word, \> the end.

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@Jaypal It does nothing for 3 digit numbers, as specified in the question. – Michael J. Barber Nov 28 '11 at 16:46
Hi Michael, just what I was looking for - im new to this and you exaplined it perfectly for me - Thanks ! – frodo Nov 28 '11 at 20:30

You need to include word boundary markers:

$ echo "87 123 45 6" | sed -re 's/\b([0-9])([0-9])\b/\2\1/g'
78 123 54 6


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try this would work echo "87 123 45 6" | sed -re 's/ ([0-9])([0-9]) / \2\1 /g' here I add space and this fix the problem.

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That won't change the first number, as it is not preceded by a space. If the last number had two digits, it would fail there, too. – Michael J. Barber Nov 28 '11 at 16:44

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