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I have a doubt about doing something or not in order to keep the good practices in Zend Framework.

Lots of times I need to use some functions like: http://www.paulferrett.com/2009/php-camel-case-functions/ or another around the application. The problem is that As i need it on the whole project I can not define as a method of a model, so I tried to use it as helpers.

Now I do not want to use this as helpers because I thing it's not a good practice using view helpers in controllers or models.

I have the following idea: Including a script called functions.php in the index.php of the Zend Application.

What do you think?

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I'm not a fan of putting anything into the global namespace, as you risk a name collision any time you do so. I prefer to put generic utility functions like this in an appropriate class within my application's namespace:

class MyApp_Util
    public static function foo()

Then you can call with MyApp_Util::foo().

If you've got lots of these types of functions, you can break them down into more appropriate classes:


Or the 5.3 style if you prefer:

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