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How would you write a funcitonal implementation for split(positions:List[Int], str:String):List[String], which is similar to splitAt but splits a given string into a list of strings by a given list of positions?

For example

  • split(List(1, 2), "abc") returns List("a", "b", "c")
  • split(List(1), "abc") returns List("a", "bc")
  • split(List(), "abc") returns List("abc")
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I'd use a solution based on substring instead of splitAt. The former will reuse the original String in memory, while the latter will copy the the strings into new strings. The provided solutions can be adapted to use substring. –  Daniel C. Sobral Dec 1 '11 at 21:41

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def lsplit(pos: List[Int], str: String): List[String] = {
  val (rest, result) = pos.foldRight((str, List[String]())) {
    case (curr, (s, res)) =>
      val (rest, split) = s.splitAt(curr)
      (rest, split :: res)
  rest :: result
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Something like this:

def lsplit(pos: List[Int], s: String): List[String] = pos match {
  case x :: rest => s.substring(0,x) :: lsplit(rest.map(_ - x), s.substring(x))
  case Nil => List(s)

(Fair warning: not tail recursive so will blow the stack for large lists; not efficient due to repeated remapping of indices and chains of substrings. You can solve these things by adding additional arguments and/or an internal method that does the recursion.)

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Thanks. I will to make a tail recursive version of your solution. –  Michael Nov 28 '11 at 17:47
@Michael - Might want to also consider adding a startAt index so you can s.substring(startAt,x) :: lsplit(rest, s, startAt+x) (in the non-tail-recursive version, of course). If you do, don't forget the Nil case. –  Rex Kerr Nov 28 '11 at 17:53

How about ....

def lSplit( indices : List[Int], s : String) = (indices zip (indices.tail)) map { case (a,b) => s.substring(a,b) }

scala> lSplit( List(0,4,6,8), "20131103")
List[String] = List(2013, 11, 03)
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