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Has anyone successfully used a Python API to connect to Asterisk AMI? Maybe Starpy or py-asterisk, or even FATS?

If so can you please display examples or point to a link?

There seems to be very little documentation regarding the Python APIs.

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i am successfully using for years

see usage example in the doc block here -

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Did you check/try Pyst?

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Just tried it out. Works great. Only problem the documentation is in the docstring. But so far so good :) – pdtpatrick Nov 28 '11 at 19:31

Use pyst2, it's a fork of pyst. Last is not develops any more.

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pyst on sourceforge seems to be alive again, and I'm using it.

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Use pyst. Download it from sourceforge

Now just extract the tar file, go to the directory of pyst through terminal and enter following commands.

python install

Now, in your python script add

from asterisk.agi import *

Now you are all set to use asterisk with python.

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