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I'm stuck here with a little problem with the scopes of sphinx using ruby on rails.

The problem is:

I need to do this scope in thinking sphinx

scope :for_current_user, lambda{
    {:conditions => ["documents.user_id = ? OR documents.state != 'draft'",]}

My most approach was:

    { :conditions => {:user_id => "#{ }", :workflow_state => '!draft'}}

But this sphinx scope above do is a

" documents.user_id = 20 AND workflow_state != 'draft'"

but, what i really need is

" documents.user_id = 20 OR workflow_state != 'draft' "

Any help is well welcomed.


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The right query for this - without scopes - needs to be constructed manually, and might look something like this: "(@user_id 20) | (@workflow_state !draft)", :match_mode => :extended

Currently in Thinking Sphinx, you can't supply the query as part of a sphinx scope - only options. So while the query should be fine, scopes aren't an option.

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