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I'm using and binding the color picker to a class so there are potentially hundreds of color pickers.

I edited the plugins change event to return the element From:'colorpicker').onChange.apply(cal, [col, HSBToHex(col), HSBToRGB(col));

To:'colorpicker').onChange.apply(cal, [col, HSBToHex(col), HSBToRGB(col),'colorpicker').el]);

This works out great, each time it changes color i update the element.

Now i need to do something similar for the hide function. When its hidding id like to commit the changes to the database. I think i need to change the following line, but i cant seem to get the correct reference to the element.


if ('colorpicker').onHide.apply(this, []) != false)


if ('colorpicker').onHide.apply(this, [,MY_ELEMENT]) != false)

Can anyone help me out?

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I was right, where i have MY_ELEMENT change it to'colorpicker').el

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