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I am trying to do the following with wide characters:

boost::asio::streambuf io_streambuf_;
std::iostream io_stream(io_streambuf_);

I tried this but got a bunch of compiler errors :

boost::asio::streambuf io_streambuf_;
std::wiostream wio_stream(io_streambuf_);

I know that streambuf is <char>, how do I the same but with a wchar_t buffered stream?

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boost::asio::streambuf is a typedef for boost::asio::basic_streambuf. The default template implementation of basic_streambuf is:

template<typename Allocator = std::allocator<char>>
class basic_streambuf :

So what you'd need to do is declare:

boost::asio::basic_streambuf<std::allocator<wchar_t>> io_streambuf_;
std::wiostream wio_stream(io_streambuf_);

Note: I haven't tested this - but that's the core of your problem.

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