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I want to make a script with javascript that replaces the (post) textbox of facebook with the (post) textbox from another social site like diaspora. What I want to happen is (for example facebook with diaspora):

  1. Someone logs in to facebook with the greasemonkey script running.
  2. Every textbox in facebook is replaced with a textbox of an account in diaspora.
  3. When a post is made the content of the post is sent to diaspora and made as a post
  4. On facebook post there is only a link of the post in diaspora

Also, I want it to be able to replace every diaspora post link in the facebook page with the content of the post.

I am not expecting you to write code, but I would like some directions, as I am new to javascript and programming.

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Can you post any code that you've tried? This is a pretty simple task. –  Seth Nov 28 '11 at 20:38
@Seth i dont know how to embed a textbox from another site to facebook.i havent tried anything.I am reading "javascript for dummies" but it doesnt say how to get a part of a page and inject it inside another. –  vkefallinos Nov 28 '11 at 20:49
If you are going to do this, you would need the user to install a browser plugin or a grease monkey script of some kind that looked for the textarea element and then replaced it with a specific form, which would probably have to be submitted via AJAX. It's important to note that if you did this without the users knowledge it's probably a bad idea. I would imagine Facebook would fight back and you'd be updating your code base pretty frequently. –  Seth Nov 28 '11 at 20:52
@Seth i understand this.i dont know what form should i replace the textarea with.how could this form connect to a logged in diaspora account?the whole concept is that a facebook user who wants his privacy from facebook could use facebook for his connections as a platform and diaspora as a backbone for his message.This should be done easily with a greasmonkey script.The user should only put his diaspora credentials and the other stuff should happen automatically from the script. –  vkefallinos Nov 28 '11 at 21:02
I don't know how to do what you are asking but I like the application! Just be sure that this is only ever available as a user-installed plugin and NOT offered by one of the non-Facebook sites. Whether a user can do this without violating Facebook's TOS is debatable. For another social site to do it would be theft of service, copyright violation and about a hundred other legal violations. As the developer you might also have some...interesting...legal challenges. –  T.Rob Nov 28 '11 at 21:53

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