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I've found similar issues like this, but they are addressed to other specific situations. Haven't found an answer to mine so please help me out.

I've just set up a design for a Facebook Page. It has two buttons targeted to an iFrame. the thing is that when I clic on these buttons using Firefox, the link will open in a new tab instead of the iFrame targeted.

I've followed several instructions over the net and they doesn't work.

Here is the code (I don't understand instructions to make blocks, sorry, not a web developer):

<iframe id="models" width="460" height="545" src="images/navidadm1.jpg"></iframe>

The links are:

<img src="images/navidad_09.jpg" width="50" height="25" alt=""></td>
    <td><a href="" target="models">

<img src="images/navidad_12.jpg" width="50" height="25" alt=""></td>
    <td><a href="" target="modelos">

... I hope I've showed the code correctly. If not, here is the actual page, in my server. I would really appreciate step-by-step answers since I am not a programmer :( (if adding javascript, exactly which line and between which lines). (the buttons are "Ver Modelos 1 a 4" and "Ver Modelos 5 a 8" in the lower part below the baskets)

Thank you, very, very, very much.

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possible duplicate of Firefox form targetting an iframe is opening new tab – sg3s Feb 11 '13 at 8:12

Give your iframe a name-attribute and an id-attribute, both the same value.

Take a look here:

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Try to use MDN instead of w3schools. See also . – Ward Muylaert Nov 28 '11 at 21:30
Thank, seems to be a good resource. – Christian Kuetbach Nov 28 '11 at 21:33
This works, and it's not that surprising that different browsers connect the <form> target attribute to either the <iframe> id attribute or the <iframe> name attribute. – Seth Jul 29 '13 at 20:25

You could always use JavaScript:

JavaScript code (in the head tags):

    function navigate(url)
        window.frames['models'].location = url;

Code for the links:

<a href="#" target="models" onclick="navigate("");">

<a href="#" target="models" onclick="navigate("");">

This is not tested, but should work! :)

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