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i have a macruby application that leaks gigs of memory. Ruby is for the logic stuff and accesses some Objective-C classes of mine, to access functions like Accessibility-API and making some screenshots and process them via CIImage.

Having ruby and Objective-C code, which one handles the memory?

As far as i know, ruby collects its garbage automatically but for Obj.-C I have to use some NSAutoreleasePool. But where should i release the pool? My ruby code needs to process the returned values.

In my project settings i has garbage collection enabled (-fobjc-gc-only).

Here is some code:

+ (CGSize) getSizeAttribute: (AXUIElementRef)element attribute:(CFStringRef) attribute {
  AXValueRef temp;  
  CGSize point;
  AXError resultCode;
  resultCode = AXUIElementCopyAttributeValue( element, attribute, (CFTypeRef *)&temp );
  AXValueGetValue(temp, kAXValueCGSizeType, &point);
  return point;
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In your code,

resultCode = AXUIElementCopyAttributeValue( element, attribute, (CFTypeRef *)&temp );

temp is never released.

You should add:


MacRuby apps run in GC mode by default but your CF/Obj-C memory management can be a bit tricky (outside of MacRuby), check Apple's documentation available on their dev site.

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