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I want to put my terminals into a separate file, because I'll use an external lexer in the production version. I tried following the answer to using custom terminals definitions. So I have a mypackage/Tokens.xtext file and a mypackage/MyDsl.xtext file containing

grammar mypackage.MyDsl with mypackage.Tokens

The generation works fine, but it creates a MyDslStandaloneSetupGenerated in src-gen which doesn't compile, because it calls the non-existent mypackage.TokensStandaloneSetup.doSetup(). It also generates src-gen/mypackage/services/MyDslGrammarAccess which refers to an also non-existent TokensGrammarAccess class. So my question is basically: when I have another grammar file, what else should I do to make it usable?

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You need to also run a generator for the token grammar.

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That means I have to write some additional file(s), including a generator? What other files are to be written? – Adam Schmideg Nov 29 '11 at 11:31

in Xtext you usually put the tokens (terminals) and the parser rules into the same .xtext file. Is there a specific reason why you want to split this?

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I would like to do the same thing. My reason is that I generate the "base-grammar" and would like to put the generated token in a seperate file. – Tobias Jan 6 '12 at 11:36

Simple Reason:

Easier to Read and work with the Grammar for everybody (especially other users)

Seems like Xtext still does not support the use of more than one .xtext file

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