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I am trying to explicitly instantiate a templated function of type U inside a templated class of type T. My code below generates a warning and the linker does not find the explicit instantiation of ReinterpretAs(). Can anyone spot the error or advise on how to do this? I am using VC++ 2010.

template<typename T> 
class Matrix
    template<typename U> Matrix<U> ReinterpretAs() const;

template<typename T>
template<typename U>
Matrix<U> Matrix<T>::ReinterpretAs() const
   Matrix<U> m;
   // ...
   return m;

// Explicit instantiation.
template class Matrix<int>;
template class Matrix<float>;

template Matrix<float>  Matrix<int>::ReinterpretAs<float>();
template Matrix<int>    Matrix<float>::ReinterpretAs<int>();

The last two lines above give a compiler warning:

warning #536: no instance of function template "Matrix<T>::ReinterpretAs 
[with T=float]" matches the specified type

Thank you in advance, Mark

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You're missing the const.

template class Matrix<int>;
template class Matrix<float>;

template Matrix<float>  Matrix<int>::ReinterpretAs<float>() const;
template Matrix<int>    Matrix<float>::ReinterpretAs<int>() const;
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thanks! stared at this way too long ... doh! –  Mark Nov 28 '11 at 21:50

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