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Examples of such applications might be: SGSN, MME, the various IMS CSCF platforms, an MSC-Server, and SMS server, a SIP proxy etc.

Unlike the web services world which is awash with frameworks, it seems most telecoms kit is built on custom software architectures.

Note I am not looking for a discussion on the pros and cons of a particular framework - just a pointer to anything suitable...

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Care to share the reason for the down vote, 4 years after the question was asked?? –  Mick Jul 26 at 18:41

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It isn´t a complete answer, but these frameworks are widely used: SMS gateway: Kannel and PBX and VoIp gateway: Asterisk.

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Thanks for the response - what I am really looking for is a framework for building applications like these - i.e. Asterisk uses their own dedicated architecture, rather than building on a common SIP or PBX framework –  Mick Dec 7 '11 at 22:09

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