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I need to disable the CSS auto format in Visual Studio 11. It simply drives me nuts, it's horrible. I remember in version 2010 there was an option to disable auto formatting for any language, but now I can't find it anymore. Whenever I write a line and press enter it messes up my code.

The most appropriate formatting style is the Compact rules style, but it adds a space after the colon, and also it puts the opening bracket immediately after the selector (I align all brackets to a common column).

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Same here; using either Expanded or Semi-expanded, try typing "body {" (or "body"-enter-"{"), hit enter twice, then type a closing brace. VS moves the closing brace up a line! What?? –  Grant Jul 18 '12 at 0:08

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It doesn't look like there's an option. I checked through the registry settings being accessed and couldn't see anything there for it either.

I'd suggest you raise an issue on the connect site or add an entry to the Visual Studio User Voice site.

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So far in the RC there is only the compact as you pointed out, the tab is annoying but at least it stops putting the braces below the class.

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