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I'm developing Gtk based application with GtkTextView. I created a GtkTextBuffer and set few tags there. Here's my code

def tag(self, line, msg, bc_color="red"):

    start = self.buff.get_iter_at_line(line)
    end = self.buff.get_iter_at_line(line)

    tag = Gtk.TextTag()
    tag.set_property("background", "red")

    self.buff.apply_tag(tag, start, end)

this method is created in loop in order to set few tags to my text it looks like this


What I want is to add some pop-up title there, similar to what you get if you set title attribute in HTML. It can be configured to show on mouse hover.

Can you please recommend me something?

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You need to combine text tags with a tooltip. See this tutorial for an example which I believe does just what you want.

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problem is that GtkTextTag is ancestor of GObject, but Tooltip can be set just on ancestor of GtkWidget –  Ján Vorčák Dec 7 '11 at 13:18
@Jan: The linked-to tutorial really does what I think you want, it manually checks the mouse-over position to see if it's in a text tag, and then activates a tool tip. It uses the query_tooltip signal, which seems to be undocumented though. –  unwind Dec 7 '11 at 13:37

Try Tooltips or Tooltip(if using Gtk 2.12+).

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