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I have a sql server pass-thru query like this:

*select * into myTable from openquery (yourComputer, 'select x,y,z, from yourTable')*

The problem is the columns in myTable are defaulting to not null and I will later want to add rows to this table with some columns null.

Can I get round this?

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Create myTable before inserting data, then perform insert.

create table myTable (
    x int null,
    y int null,
    z int null
insert into myTable (x, y, z)
select x, y, z
from openquery (yourComputer, 'select x,y,z, from yourTable')
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This would work. It's just that x,y,z is actually a big long list of all kinds of data types, so I was hoping there would be some way of overriding the default – cindi May 6 '09 at 16:50
I found one script on experts-exchange (at bottom of page):…, maybe helps. – Arvo May 6 '09 at 18:29

you could insert the results into a temp table and then update the table to set all null values to '', then insert the values in the temp table to the actual table

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