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I have used tidy for html. From the terminal I run $ tidy -fmi /path/to/file

Doing the same for a php file doesn't 'tidy' it up. Basically I'd like to run a command and have all my code indented properly. Or not run a command at all and have the text editor automatically indent all the code properly.

The main text editors I work with are vim, gvim and gedit.

system is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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Check out this previous question:… – ben Nov 28 '11 at 23:24
Another:… there are several others, I'd search for php and indentation – ben Nov 28 '11 at 23:30

Thank @ben

sudo aptitude insall php-pear


sudo pear install PHP_Beautifier-0.1.15

If someone can point out a better command than

php_beautifier -s4 -l "ArrayNested() IndentStyles(style=bsd) NewLines(before=if:switch:while:for:foreach:function:T_CLASS:return:break,after=T_COMMENT)"

This command works, but it has a little less indentation than I prefer. That would be great if someone could point out a better one.

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