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I've use jQuery hotkey.js plugin in my application to support shortcut keys. But, currently seems it only support key combinations like "ctrl+a","shift+a","alt+a"... I've tried




or even


but non of them work.

My question would be what can I do to support this kind of hotkeys? Thank you very much.

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You will need CTRL, or Alt for making shortcut. And how are you suppose to do a shortcut with 2 g's? – Shawn31313 Nov 28 '11 at 22:57

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Shortcut.js only supports a modifier key (alt, ctrl, meta, shift) + another key. It does not support multiple non-modifier keys (e.g r+g, or even ctrl+e+f (proof case)).

Have a look at the linked answer for another method to achieve the desired effect.

SO answer: Listen to multiple keydowns

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