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Right now I am using the following method:

string[] AudienceTags = ((string[])(relResults["NEVCOAudienceTag"].GetType() == typeof(DBNull) ? null : relResults["NEVCOServiceTag"]));

But this is pretty long. Is there a slick way that I don't know of that I should be using to achieve the lines above.

FYI relResults is a ResultTable object, which comes from a FullTextSqlQuery. This is all SharePoint related, so I don't have the same options that I would if this were a straight SQL Server query.

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Just write relResults["NEVCOServiceTag"] as string[].

Since DBNull.Value isn't a string[], it will return null.

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Personally I'd also add a check that relResults contains the key "NEVCOServiceTag" too –  Alex Norcliffe Nov 28 '11 at 23:18

ResultTables inherit from IDataReader, so each IDataRecord in the result should have an .IsDBNull method.

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