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I would like to generate C wrappers over some C++ API using SWIG.

From the SWIG documentation SWIG and C++:

6.2 Approach

To wrap C++, SWIG uses a layered approach to code generation. At the lowest level, SWIG generates a collection of procedural ANSI-C style wrappers. These wrappers take care of basic type conversion, type checking, error handling, and other low-level details of the C++ >binding. These wrappers are also sufficient to bind C++ into any target language that supports built-in procedures. In some sense, you might view this layer of wrapping as providing a C library interface to C++.

However, I don't see any option to do just that, without generating code for using the API in a language like Python, Ruby, etc. How can I get just the C wrappers?

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Although the main branch of SWIG cannot generate C wrappers for C++ API (the SWIG documentation quoted in the question is a bit misleading), there is a SWIG branch created during Google Summer of Code 2008 and available at https://swig.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/swig/branches/gsoc2008-maciekd/ which does just that. I have found the answer here: C++ to C Wrapper using SWIG (for FLTK)

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It's worth noting that there was another GSOC project for that this year (2012) as mentioned here. It's not complete yet but hopefully it will come to fruition this time. –  Milliams Nov 22 '12 at 11:11

That's not what SWIG is for. SWIG is for interfacing C or C++ code with other languages. It's not for exposing C++ code to C. SWIG does not generate "C wrappers". It generates wrappers in either C or C++ that expose functionality to other, non C/C++ languages.

Wrapping C++ code for consumption by pure-C code is outside of the domain of SWIG.

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