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i'm reading a book about Qt, there is an example about how to pop up the history menu, the text says "when this method is invoked it pops up a menu whose items correspond to the web pages the user has visited",

but i don't really see how we make the "menu" visible : here's the SLOT method:

void BrowerWindow::popupHistoryMenu()
    QMenu menu;
    QListIterator<QWebHistoryItem> i(webView->history()->items());
    while(i.hasPrevious() && … )
        const QWebHistoryItem & item = i.previous();
        QString title = ...
        QAction *action = new QAction(item.icon(), title, &menu);
    if (QAction *action = menu.exec(QCursor::pos()))

So i don't see how the menu can be popped up from that simple function? ( "when this method is invoked it pops up a menu" )


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Exactly as the docs for QMenu (specifically, QMenu.exec()) say it works?


Pops up the menu so that the action action will be at the specified global position p.

Relevant line in the code you posted:

if (QAction *action = menu.exec(QCursor::pos()))
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oh, yes you're right, thanks for the quick answer! Cheers –  Paul Nov 29 '11 at 13:39

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