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Is there a way to automate downloading of files in page which uses JSF?

I need to download file based on parameters I choose from drop-down menu and calendar. After that, if I understand correctly, server redirects to right download file or generates file. If I had a direct link based on parameters, I could use small bash/batch script, but I don't have the link so I need some help.

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You need to be more clear on the functional requirement. The part which is unclear is what kind of file it is and where it originates. Is it a static file which is stored in public web content? Or is it stored outside public web content? Or is it stored in a database? Or is it an in-memory file? Or is it a dynamically generated file? If the latter, what API/tool is supposed to generate the file content? Etc. I also wonder how exactly JavaScript is related to this. How exactly did you expect that JavaScript would be helpful in some way? – BalusC Nov 29 '11 at 0:58
Maybe it'll be better if I show. This is the page: In the bottom of table there is link - Download results:Regional /Regional & Country. This is the thing I need to get - xls file based on parameters above the table. I don't know how it's stored or generated. JS was mentioned just because it's often used together with jsf. But yes, it's not directly related. – user1007193 Nov 29 '11 at 9:40

If your application is JSF1.2 with richfaces, then refer this url

Download log file using JSF application?

i hope you will get some idea.

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