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I realize that Go does not have classes but pushes the idea of structs instead.

Do structs have any sort of initialization function that can be called similar to a __construct() function of a class?


type Console struct {
    X int
    Y int

func (c *Console) init() {
    c.X = "5"

// Here I want my init function to run
var console Console

// or here if I used
var console Console = new(Console)
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Go doesn't have implicit constructors. You would likely write something like this.

package main

import "fmt"

type Console struct {
    X int
    Y int

func NewConsole() *Console {
    return &Console{X: 5}

var console Console = *NewConsole()

func main() {


{5 0}
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Go does not have automatic constructors. Typically you create your own NewT() *T function which performs the necessary initialization. But it has to be called manually.

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