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Here is a fragment of my xml document:

This article is an example
<p> bla blablablablablablablablabla.
Here is an image <image>blablablabla<\image> <caption>example image<\image>

The tags are nested so first I need to get the structure of the doc and then the content. How to scan the doc and get the whole structure?

It is easy to get "exmaple" between <\title>. How to only get the content "This article is an example", which is not enclosed by any tags.

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This is not valid XML. Are you trying to parse XHTML manually instead? –  Ken White Nov 28 '11 at 23:52
What language and libraries are you using? –  daxelrod Nov 29 '11 at 3:39

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Firstly, the xml file you are showing here for example is not a valid xml file. It does not follow xml conventions. You can learn about xml files from here

Secondly, tt depends which language you are using for your app and how you want to access it.

Example, you can access its memebers from JavaScript using DOM. A very simple way. You can get help about it from here.

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