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I have a value stored as a DateTime (Paris date-time).
How can I, into a VIEW, know if a stored date is before or equal to NOW(), with NOW() at Paris TimeZone in any case?

PS : I do not have any control over the SQL server.

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Do you know the timezone of the stored date? – Dan J Nov 29 '11 at 0:41
@djacobson:Yes, it's Paris TimeZone. More precisely, it is supposed to be a date-time in Paris. – Oliver Nov 29 '11 at 0:44

To Ensure that the date is in paris time zone you can use CONVERT_TZ to convert between time zones. For example the following query will compare the NOW() date with the stored date and gives you the difference (in days) between them, ensuring that the two dates are in a specific time zone, (I don't know the time zone of paris but this is just an example):

select datediff(
from TableName

System returns your current time zone, and for -08:00 is the time zone that you want to convert to as an offset, you can use the name of the time zone or it's offset as specified MySQL Time zone design pattern.

Hope this will help;

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